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Registration: ifac.papercept.net(Look for ACODS 2022)
  1. Important points (please read before you proceed to registration):
    • All participants must register through the IFAC Papercept system (regardless of whether they pay via Credit Card or through Bank Transfer).
    • Link to Conference registration website  will be announced.
    • Participants can also pay the registration fee in INR. They should do so Wire Transfer/ NEFT using the bank details given below. Please start this process early since until your payment is received and verified you will not be able to upload your papers.
    • The conference registration fee is subject to a refund policy (see information at the bottom of this page).
    • Tutorial workshop will be conducted only if at least 10 participants register for that workshop.
  2. Procedure for registration
    • Look up the conference registration fees given in the table below that applies to you.
    • Login to the Papercept site and follow the steps for registration. (Approval Pending).
    • At the payment stage, choose either the “Credit Card” or “Wire Transfer” option. If you choose “Credit Card” provide the necessary details and proceed accordingly. Alternatively, if you intend to choose the “Wire Transfer” option, make sure you transfer the appropriate fee first. Subsequently, provide the Transaction Reference number (e.g. ITG1383393) and other relevant details to proceed further.
    • If you have chosen the “Wire Transfer” option, please allow at least 1 working day for verification of transaction and the link for final submission to be activated. The Papercept system has no automated way of determining the success of your wire transfer and therefore a manual verification is required.
  3. Paying through Electronic Funds Transfer (the “Wire Transfer” option).
    • Choose the appropriate amount as per the information below.
      Account Name:   ACODS2022NITS
      Account Number:   40018727018
      Bank:   State Bank of India, NIT Silchar
      IFSC code: SBIN0007061    
  4. Registration Fee (full papers, posters & extended abstracts) – all rates inclusive of 18% GST and USD 20 for IFAC Paperonline uploading fees

    Early Registration Till 15th January 2022

    Physical Mode Virtual Mode
    Professional: Academic Institutes and Govt. R&D Organistaions 18000 INR / 240 USD 12000 INR / 160 USD
    Professional: Private Industry 22000 INR / 295 USD 15000 INR / 200 USD
    Students and Project Staff in Academic Institutes 9000 INR / 120 USD 6000 INR / 80 USD

    After 15th Januray 2022 till 22nd February 2022

    Physical Mode Virtual Mode
    Professional: Academic Institutes and Govt. R&D Organistaions 20000 INR / 270 USD 14000 INR / 190 USD
    Professional: Private Industry 24000 INR / 320 USD 17000 INR / 230 USD
    Students and Project Staff in Academic Institutes 9000 INR / 120 USD 6000 INR / 80 USD
    • Pre-conference tutorial FREE (with conference registration)! 
  5. Registration Benefits and Information
    • Conference registration includes a full conference kit, lunches on all days, banquet, visit to the cultural museum, and post-conference tour.
    • Conference registration also includes free tutorial participation, complimentary free membership of Automatic Control and Dynamic optimization Society (ACDOS) (which is a national member of IFAC), for two years, i.e. until the end of 2024. Although the membership to ACDOS will be offered free to all conference registrants, interested candidates are still required to formally apply for the membership, details of which can be found in http://www.acdos.org. and will also be made available at the registration desk during the conference
  6. Additional information

    Refund policy : The conference registration fee is subject to a refund policy which will be announced in due course of time.

  7. FAQ about registration: :

    Q1. Whether all the participants have to register for the conference through IFAC PaperCept system?

    A1: Yes.

    Q2. What is preferred mode of payment of registration fees for Indian participants paying in INR?

    A2. Electronic fund transfer in the above-mentionedconference account.

    Q3. Is it mandatory to do registration before final submission?

    A3. Yes.

    Q4. Why is itrequired to pay the registration fees 1 to 2 days in advance before the final date of submission in case of electronic fund transfer in INR?

    A4. The electronic fund transfer in INR will be done in favour of the bank account of NIT Silchar which is not linked with IFAC PaperCept submission system. All authors after their payment of the registration fees in INR must intimate the conference organiser along with the transaction details at least 1 to 2 days before the final date of submission. Subsequently, the conference organiser will manually verify the transaction details and activate the link for final submission in the IFAC PaperCept system.

    Q5. If an author wishes to pay the registration fees directly through the IFAC PaperCept system, what is the mode of the payment?

    A5. The mode of payment will be through credit card only and it has to be paid in USD.

    Q6. If an author pay the registration fees using credit card in USD through the IFAC PaperCept system then is it required to inform the conference organiser before final submission?

    A6. No.

    Q7. Can an author upload final paper in the IFAC PaperCept system without paying the registration fees?

    A7. No.

    Q8. What are the ways of payment of the registration fees?

    A8. Via credit card in USD through the IFAC PaperCept system or via electronic fund transfer in INR to the conference organiser account.

    Q9. As the payment of registration fees through electronic fund transfer is done outside the IFAC PaperCept system, how IFAC PaperCept system will know that an author has paid the fees or not?

    A9. The author will intimate about the payment details to the conference organiser and the organiser will manually activate the link for final submission in the PaperCeptsystem.

    Q10. What is suggested mode of payment for the Indian participants?

    A10. Electronic fund transfer to the organiser account.

Registration Includes:
• 5 Plenary Talks • 6 Semi-plenary Talks • Oral Presentations • Industrial Exhibitions
• Free Workshops • Free Industrial & City Trip • Free Membership of ACDOS for 2 years
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